This project began as a response to the 2016 election. While many people immediately threw themselves into resisting the new administration by pressuring our elected officials, it was also clear that many existing nonprofit organizations had been fighting these battles for a long time; people who were looking for ways to resist didn't necessarily need to reinvent wheels that were already rolling. Nonprofits would need volunteers more than ever as they scrambled to protect vulnerable populations and endangered civil liberties from the onslaught of the Trump agenda. Volunteering could be a form of sustained resistance.

With the help of some passionate young volunteers, what began as a long, unwieldy Google doc of volunteer opportunities at nonprofits around New York City became an easy-to-navigate website: www.wearenewyorkvalues.org. As soon as we went live, people in other parts of the country started asking how they could create the same kind of resource for their own communities. So the next step was a how-to guide, and suddenly we had a Slack team of people across the country building sister sites. Because in spite of the cruelty that seems to underlie every policy of the new administration, volunteering to help one another in our times of need is a profoundly American value.

If you would like to build a site where you live, email wearenewyorkvalues@gmail.com and we'll help you get started.